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Sugar Twists

Sugar Twists

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SUGAR TWISTS feature a distinct spiral shape that picks up where other hair ties, bands, and fasteners leave off… Now, you can go from ponytail to long waves with confidence.

Put an end to tugging and tearing, to slipping and snapping, to that unnecessary pulling or tightness that often leads to headaches and migraines. It won’t disrupt your natural hair pattern or cause hair breakage.

Its small quarter size is stretchy and resilient enough for all hair types and textures —they’ll stay put when you want them to and gently glide out of hair when you’re through. Great for everyday use, running, dancing, or just having fun.

SUGAR TWISTS simplify hair hygiene, made from super resilient plastic, they can be quickly and easily washed and dried using soap and water—and they won’t wear out in the process. Simply place it in warm water and the hair tie will go back to its original size